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Updated: 2016-02-21


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On Civics:

In response to a shared article titled "Was Iowa Rigged?! You'll Never Guess How Many Votes Went Missing!":

“I raise this objection because I am convinced, that we as a body, must conduct a formal and legitimate debate about election irregularities.”—Ohio Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones at [1:12]

In response to a shared article titled "Video lands 9 Lehigh HS basketball players off court":

In the video, the parents acknowledged their students' indiscretion. They argue that the disciplinary action(s) taken by district officials are disproportionate to a seemingly minor infraction, assuming one took place [see:].

“Parents say they agree to the principal’s initial punishment of two days out of school suspension, but say they were shocked to later learn their boys’ punishment had escalated to a five day suspension and being banned from the team for the rest of the year…District officials [said] the players’ discipline is in line with the student and athletic code of conduct. But parents feel the punishment is too severe.” [1:30]

In response to a shared video titled "The Story of The Trans Pacific Partnership":

“Big corporations and Wall Street get an international tribunal of private attorneys, outside any nation’s legal system, that can order compensation for any lost profits found to result from a nation’s regulations. That means even U.S. based corporations could challenge any U.S. government regulation they claim unfairly diminishes their profits. Say, laws that protect American consumers from unsafe products, or unhealthy foods, that protect workers, block toxic emissions, or prevent another taxpayer funded bailout of Wall Street…” [0:57]

On Death:

In response to a shared article titled "9/11 Conspiracy Author Phillip Marshall, His Dog and 2 Kids Found Dead in California":

From the video in the article: “Phillip Marshall is not the only person who has had an interest in U.S. covert operations, 9-11, who has died suspiciously. He is one of many, unfortunately.” [21:57]

On Health:

In response to a shared video titled "Ruffling Feathers: Farmers reveal secrets of chicken meat trade in America":

“Now the kicker is the USDA is not coming in with their own third-party standards. They’re taking the standards that the industry wrote for themselves.” [2:25]

In response to a shared image that read "Dear government, STOP putting fluoride in the fucking water. Sincerely, Pretty much everyone":

Back in grade school, there were days when fluoride was dispensed into little paper cups. We swished and then spit the stuff back into the cup for disposal.

The more I read about the issue, makes me wonder why we still drink fluoridated water.