Refried Beans

Updated: 2017-10-30

I tried a couple of the recipes that came up in a search. I like the “Instant Pot Refried Beans” recipe from the Allergy Free Alaska website the best, so far.

The other recipes are worth a look because there are directions for smaller batches using only one pound of beans. Some of them also call for fewer ingredients and offer useful ingredient substitute ideas. I think using chicken broth and bacon drippings makes for better results.


Dried pinto beans, sorted 2 pounds
Onion, chopped 1 ½ cups
Garlic cloves, roughly chopped 4–5
Jalapeños, seeded and chopped 1–2
Dried oregano 2 teaspoons
Ground cumin 1 ½ teaspoons
Ground black pepper ½ teaspoon
Bacon drippings 3 tablespoons
Chicken broth 4 cups
Water 4 cups
Sea salt 1–2 teaspoons


  • Wash, sort and soak the beans for 15 minutes.
  • Seed and chop up the jalapeños.
  • Measure out spices, broth and water.
  • Rinse the beans.
  • Add beans and remaining ingredients to Instant Pot.
  • Cook for 45 minutes on bean/chili setting.
  • Natural release for 40 minutes.
  • Puree with immersion blender.


  • The salt is supposed to be added after cooking.
  • I mistakenly added the salt beforehand the first time I tried this recipe. The beans turned out fine.
  • This recipe makes enough refried beans for at least two burrito dinners for three. They taste great over rice too.