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Malware and Viruses

Topics include malicious programs and associated techniques that adversely affect computer security.

Google Redirect Virus

“The Google Redirect Virus has been categorized as a nasty browser hijacker that will change infected systems' web browser settings and will work to forcefully redirect compromised systems' Google searches to various corrupt and infected web domains that work to propagate an assortment of malicious malware products.”


  • Had Chrome browser hijacked in early 2015(?) when clicking on a Google search result pointing to a page on Quora.
  • At that time, system froze; after reboot, things seemed normal.
  • In December 2015, experienced a hijack attempt (with popup warnings) in the same browser.
  • This time, system did not freeze; probably because I had recently installed an ad blocker.
  • Removed personal files and restarted Chrome.
  • Could not reproduce hijack immediately afterwards.
  • Forgot to back up browser bookmarks beforehand.