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About me

My name is Marshall Im and this is my homepage.   I enjoy restoring older computers and remodeling websites.   I also research alternative, free and open source software solutions for use in various computer repair, web design and Internet marketing applications.

Because information technology is so prevalent these days, I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to interact with a diverse set of business professionals, skilled tradespersons, talented artists and creative writers. And over the years, I've come to recognize similarities between their technical support requests and frequently asked questions.   This site serves as a knowledge base of my findings and an organizational tool for my technical notes and research updates.

Thanks for visiting!

When I'm not at my computer I like bicycling, camping, cooking/grilling, playing ball, shooting hoops, getting back to nature, light gardening, and swimming.   I also enjoy reading up on recent developments in general computing that have had a positive or meaningful impact on nearby communities—especially those that shape local, current events.   Do you have an article to share, a topic you'd like to discuss, or a question about this site?   Your comments and feedback are appreciated.

This site is dedicated to my two delightful children; with whom I am very proud.   A special thanks goes out to my family and friends who encourage me in my day-to-day activities and inspire me in all my endeavors.